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Oracle Password Cracker - V1.04

Oracle Password Tools

After the posting of the Oracle password algorithm in the newsgroup they are a lot of free and commerical Oracle Password Cracker available. This page contains information about the different tools and programs.





pw/sec *





Repscan 2.50 Red-Database-Security Windows, Linux, MacOSX Dictionary 753.690 Commercial and Trial

can connect to the database and check multiple accounts in one step , Oracle Easy Connect, support for 11g, OID, APEX, OVS, HTMLS

no BF mode Repscan 2.5 Trial
checkpwd 2.00 Red-Database-Security Windows, Linux, MacOSX Dictionary 603.690 Free

can connect to the database and check multiple accounts in one step , Oracle Easy Connect, support for 11g

no BF mode Oracle Password Cracker
orabf 0.7.6 0rm Windows Brute Force, Dictionary 431.701 (Dictionary)

1.118.528 (BF)
Free fastest tool for BF no database connection Toolcrypt
John the Ripper 1.71 with Oracle patch   Windows, Unix Brute Force, Dictionary 503.227

Free source available, generic password cracker, many platforms no database connection Ripper Plugin
Cain & Abel Massimiliano Montoro Windows Brute Force 95.012

Free collection of many security tools fast Download
AppDetective** AppSecInc Windows Dictionary Brute Force 5000 Commercial can connect to the database, BF and dictionary mode, check roles and default/easy to guess passwords   AppSecInc
NGSSquirrel NGS Software Windows Dictionary 154.468
Commercial can connect to the database, BF and dictionary mode + smart dictionary mode (0 replaces o, 1 replaces i, ...)   NGSSoftware
bfora dab Perl Dictionary, Brute Force N/A Free connect to the database platform independent slow, no BF mode Digitalsec
Hashattack 0.2.0 Josh Wright PL/SQL Dictionary < 500 Free platform independent slow, no BF mode Download
Oracle PW Cracker 1.6 Adam Martin PL/SQL / Oracle Forms Dictionary < 500 Free / Share (4$) platform independent slow, no BF mode download currently not available
Oracle PW Cracker Bear Dang PLSQL Brute Force < 500 Free platform independent slow Download
Matrixay DBAppSecurity Windows Brute Force / Dictionary 156.354
Commercial collection of many security tools fast Information
ora11gPWCrack Thorsten Schröder Python Dictionary   Free platform independent 11g only Download
OrakelCrackert vonjeek/THC Windows Brute Force / Dictionary 399.301

Free   11g only Download

* Performance on a Core2Duo 2.16 GHz (Windows XP)
** Password cracker for other databases (e.g. MS SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Sybase...) available

Oracle brute force attacks / Oracle Password Decryption

It is not possible to decrypt a hashstring but the simple Oracle salt (=Username) it is possible to do a brute force or dictionary attack. There are several Oracle brute force or dictionary attack tools available. These tools encrypt the username/password and compare the hashkeys. If the hashkey are identical the password is known. From simple SQL based tools (<500 pw/second) up to special C programs like checkpwd. The fastest tool calculates 1.100.000 passwords/second. On a Pentium 4 with 3 GHz it takes (26 ascii characters only, e.g. 26^5)

  • 10 seconds to calculate all 5-ascii-character-combinations
  • 5 minutes to calculate all 6-ascii-character-combinations
  • 2 hours to calculate all 7-ascii-character-combinations
  • 2,1 days to calculate all 8-ascii-character-combinations
  • 57 days to calculate all 9-ascii-character-combinations
  • 4 years to calculate all 10-ascii-character-combinations

You should always use strong and long passwords to avoid brute force or dictionary attacks.


  • 09-nov-2005: orabf from 0rm was updated to 0.74
  • 11-nov-2005: David Litchfield informed me that NGSSquirrel is much faster and has more features than mentioned in the comparision.
  • 25-nov-2005: Cain and Abel added, New feature: Oracle Password Cracker
  • 18-jul-2006: Matrixay added, checkpwd was updated to 1.12, orabf from 0rm was updated to 0.75
  • 1-nov-2006: Performance figures added, programs updated (john 1.71, orabf 0.76)
  • 24-jan-2007: checkpwd 1.22 updated, benchmark link added
  • 4-oct-2007: new crackers for 11g added, checkpwd 2.0 updated

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